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Welcome to a brief glimpse of who we are.

Mandatory portrayal of our identity ↓

Muxu.Muxu is a diverse collective of creatives from various industries and skillsets. Our goal is to empower designers' growth through knowledge and community. We are driven by curiosity, instinct, and the art of craftership.

What we do

Nurture designers' growth through knowledge and community:
1. Design goods
2. Create print-only resources
3. Host real-life events

Our team ☀︎

We are a humble and friendly group, embracing our authenticity with diverse backgrounds and styles.

Established in 2014

You might already know us⚐. We started as a small software maker, evolving into a brand studio. Now⚑, we're all about giving back to the community.

What the heck "Muxu" means??!

muxu pronounced \muʃu\
Means Kiss in the Basque language.